FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologia"
Leading Research Institute in the field of marine geology

VNIIOkeangeologiya scientists return from an expedition in the Arctic Ocean


Employees of the FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologiya" took part in a scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean on board the first Chinese–built polar icebreaker "Xue Long – 2" ("Snow Dragon – 2", "Xue Long - 2").

A group of researchers, which included employees of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "VNIIOkeangeologiya", Ilya Yakovenko, a leading engineer of the Department of System Geological and Geophysical Research, and Svetlana Tabyrtsa, a leading engineer of the Department of marine seismic Exploration, performed a series of works in the Arctic region in the field of geology and geophysics of the mid-Ocean ridge. In addition, the expedition studied the properties of atmospheric sea ice, marine and subsurface environment, as well as biomes and pollutants.

For the "Snow Dragon – 2" it was the 13th scientific expedition to the Arctic latitudes. The scientific mission started on July 12 and ended on September 27, lasting a total of 53 days. Within the framework of the Arctic expedition, about 29 thousand km were covered and the cherished point for all researchers was reached – the North Pole.

The expedition was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China and is a significant achievement of the People's Republic of China in the development of the Arctic. The participation of Russian specialists in the expedition clearly demonstrates the development of international cooperation in the field of Arctic scientific research.