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VNIIOkeangeologiya has received a patent for Palamar_01 software for short-term earthquake forecasting


Specialists of the VNIIOkeangeologiya have developed software for short-term earthquake forecasting based on the technology of forecasting dangerous geological conditions. An earthquake is a release of accumulated stress inside the earth's crust, as a result of which rock layers are destroyed and abruptly displaced. The amplification of the natural vibrations of the rock mass indicates the accumulation and movement of energy in it. The accumulated energy of elastic recoil and increased vibrations of the array provoke micro-earthquakes, which are harbingers of remote earthquakes.

Since 2004, the Institute has been developing a technology for short-term earthquake forecasting, which involves monitoring "living" faults using stations receiving seismological signals (elastic waves). A "living" fault is a zone in which there is an increased concentration of cracks compared to the host rocks. This zone is capable of accumulating energy from internal and external sources and releasing it with the formation of resonant waves and other elastic vibrations.

The last field testing of the technology of short-term earthquake prediction was successfully conducted by VNIIOkeangeologiya specialists in August 2023 in Kamchatka, and on October 17, 2023, the institute received a patent for the Palamar_01 software.

The authors of the invention are Palamarchuk V.K., Demina I.M., Glinskaya N.V. and Burdakova E.V.