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Marine magnetic prospecting, gravimetric survey

Magnet prospecting is an effective method of search and exploration of iron ores. However, it is widely used in geological mapping, structural studies and searches for other minerals, including hydrocarbon deposits.

Mobile gravimeter "Chekan-AM"
Measures the increment of the acceleration of gravity relative to the initial gravimetric reference point.
Pendulum sensor.
Measurement range - 0-10Gal.
Absolute error - ± 1mGal.
Readout error - 0.01mGal.
Sample rate - 10Hz.
Hydromagnetometer SeaSpy 1 and SeaSpy 2
The SeaSpy towed marine proton magnetometer is designed to measure the modulus of the magnetic induction of a constant magnetic field in an aquatic environment. When two measuring units are connected in series, it is possible to use the device in the mode of a longitudinal gradiometer. Working range – 18 000 - 120 000 nT.
The absolute accuracy is 0.2 nT.
Readout error - 0.001nT.
Sample rate - 4 Hz ÷ 0.1 Hz.
Immersion depth ≤ 300 m.

Magnetic variation stations MM-60
Designed to register variations in the Earth's magnetic field.
Measurement range - 20 000 ÷ 100 000 nT.
Systematic error, no more - 20 nT.
Standard deviation, no more - 0.05 nT.
Readout error - 0.001 nT.
Sample rate - 10 Hz.



Burdakova Elena
Burdakova Elena

Head of laboratory