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FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologia"

Department of the Methodology of the Marine Geological and the Geophysical Researches

Main areas of activity

Main areas of research

List of tasks performed by the division

Proposals for the execution of contract works

Major technical developments

The BPTA-3000 towed underwater television vehicle

The BPTA-3000 towed underwater television vehicle is designed to carry out continuous television and photo survey of seabeds and ocean floors within three hours. The optimal distance of the television and photo cameras to the bottom's surface is 1-3 meters, that shall be controlled by veering out the cable cord from the winch. The optimal vessel speed at television or photo profiling is 0.4-0.6 knots. Video and photo survey management is performed through shipboard unit.

Composition and specifications of the BPTA-3000:

SONIC-4" Seismic Acoustic Complex

The Complex is designed to work on seismic acoustic seas and oceans shelves profiling, as well as on lakes (freshwater bodies) to study the topography and the deposition of sediments in order to find minerals, to observe the state of the natural environment, to design and place underwater structures, and for other purposes.

The equipment of the complex is mobile, can be rapidly deployed on various types of vessels. The resulting depth of the section is 50-300 meters, with a resolution of 2 to 5 meters.
The software provides the ability to visualize the seismic acoustic information received on the screen, to obtain a hard copy of the seismograms on paper in real time, to record seismic-acoustic and navigational information to a hard disk for subsequent processing, printing of materials and storing on digital media.